Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sun Flower

This is a Sun Flower.
During the day the petals close round the sun-like orb, while it absorbs ether though the ground to transfer to the orb.
At night the petals open and the orb floats above the flower emitting light and heat.
The petals on the inside are reflective, when the orb shines it scatters the light more.
The larger the plant gets the bigger the orb becomes.
As day arrives or the orb runs out of ether the orb floats back into the middle of the petals and the petal close agian. This process is repeated every night.
The orbs can found found in different colours. Depending on situation, Location or amount of ether absorbed.
At night the flower acts like a sort of night light as well as potential source of ether. The orbs needs to be picked using gloves due to its high temperature. If the orb is picked for its ether, the flower doesnt died. It slowly remakes the orb, the petals don't open until an orb has been created.

1 comment:

  1. i have heard much words of praise for this idea Gareth :)
    just thought i'd let you know

    we probably wont do the ether source idea as it overthrows the game's mechanics but the thing i love the most about it is it seems like a natural weapon Sol has designed against the night, it continues to fight the darkness when the sun is gone, i love that :)

    its a really cool concept, i look forward to seeing it ingame :)