Monday, August 16, 2010


hey everyone update time
ok i got a few things first up an update on harine my chimera oracle

as you can see he finaly has a decent colour scheme his upper half is fur with his legs and tail will be made up of scales
i still need to define the area were his fur turns to scales and i need to finish the staffbut apart from that he is mainly finished

next up is Harine weapon a staff

alright i havn't been able to do mush on the staff as due to a mistake i made with the pivet point i had to redo all the rings but hopfully ill have alot more done on it next week
Next we have the sword still avalable for anyone that needs it

okay and now for a creature named mistral this is something i modeled last semester which didn't make the final cut but hopefully will make an apperance in Eclipse
(thanks to Ozy for the awesome texture)

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