Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drogan 3D Start

So I thought I'd share what I've spent the last 2 hours working on. I'm actually working without crossplanes for the first time. Worked this completely in perspective view. Quite pleased with the progress I made but certainly a long way from finished. Will continue to work on it and will post the full upper half when done. 173 poly count so far.Edit 1: 5 Hours work image replaced 2 hours. 495 Poly count.Edit 2: 8 Hours work. Not particularly happy with the jaw, spent a lot of time trying to smooth out the side of the head, about to do a few teeth and try and define the mouth the way i want it.Edit 3: Ended up having a busy WE so didn't get much further. Basic body shape done. Lots of work to do on it. Head still not complete.


  1. Nice work Tom! almost looks as if you used Mudbox for it ;] Talent is apparent. I like the amount of detail spent on the perspective. It defines it well.

    I've been asking this to a few people already, but does it have any history or bio to it? something that could give us a better idea of your creation, and into the minds of this genius. This will also allow us to collaborate on the story and bring our characters together, if we have the best potential understanding of them. Once the relationship builds throughout the game, it will be a lot easier for us to cooperate,especially in these two groups you were interested in forming.

    Keep up the awesomness, Tom ! ;]

  2. Thanks Oliver, haha, turbosmooth hide the aweful primitive quite well =p Working on it right now actually, Hopefully have a completed torso and head by end of the weekend.

    In my head I can picture a bio, but have nothing in writing yet, again, i'll probably get around to it this weekend. Briefly though, I'm thinking a hunter-esque druidic nature will fit him quite well so will most likely go along those lines for his bio. I did want to perhaps give him a back story of a lost loved one being his motivation for being dark-sided, i.e revenge on an oracle fighing for light but as Drogans and oracle and they are unique i don't think it would work. Thoughts?

    Cheers, Tom

  3. Geez Louise! looking nice! :D
    is this for the game or video primarily?
    if game then obviously keep an eye on the turbo smoothing, but yeah!
    its looking hawt :D cant wait to see how he goes
    keep it up!

  4. Both Ozy. I'm just using the TS to show the (hopeful) end result at this point as I'm manually edgelooping I plan to go back and polish the low poly once i've got the entire model done. I've thrown a non TS image so you can see what I mean.

    Remind me though, what sort of poly count are we looking for, for the game models and what is the issue caused by turbosmooth?