Friday, August 20, 2010

Coloured Characters

This is what ive got so far for my oracle. Not too much colour in her, she is made out of a goldy brass colour. Her hair, corset arms and neck are a nice brass colour to show that they are her armor
ive exstended her dress a bit more too and figured out how her arms will bend, it just simpally bendy metal, which i will post later when im done with that
i will b posting a model sheet for my oracle soon

This is my creature coloured in. i also put the luna simble on his leg and made his eyes glowing. i also came up with 3 possible names which you can see in the picture below, they are; Cheesour, Dinochee and Flickasour. They dont have to be the names its just a last minute thing i came up with

Here is my creature's model sheet...

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  1. man speling is crap, those names r totally wrong but cbf going to change it, u get the idea anyway.. n i think some pokemon names.... :S meh