Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eclipse; Children of Exile

Hey eclipsers!

me and phil after brainstorming, short discussion and a breif check on google..
have come up with the games subtitle!

the game is;
Children of Exile

this reffers to the god's exile from earth, and the oracles being their childeren
this will help differentiate it from the mass of twilight polution and make it more distinguishable, also allowing it to be found on google :P

on a second note;
the designs are looking awesome! im in the process of compiling a list of the models and designs i am happy with and plan to move on to 3d.
so keep it up!

and just a reminder of deadlines:

-Cert 4 multimedia
25th of Aug
this week wednesday, a coloured and shadowed sketch of your creature and plant designs will be due

-Stage 1 Diploma - Design
23rd of Aug
monday - today, a coloured and shadowed sketch of your oracle will be due

looking good guys!

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