Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is just an update for a new concept. This is just what I roughly have and nothin' is concrete yet. This is my day creature for Eclipse. It has physical souls sprouting from its back and probably does a wailing sound. The chains glow a bright orange that pulsates heat and all that. I'm gonna change the head into a lion to fit in more with the day theme.


  1. I really like this, Tom. Can certainly see how it would look animated. Think both this and (think it was yours) the first concept utilising souls in their appearance is good. Question: How do the chains act when he's not bitch-whipping enemies? And are they free-willed like Doc Ocs rogue arms in Spideyman or controlled by the creature itself?

    Cheers, Tom

  2. a good question!

    i am very much liking this also ::D alot of texture animating fun it looks like :P

    i think a gold-white kinda colour scheme would look good with black charred aspects like around his eyes, mouth, hands and feet would look amazing and the burning souls as well-- fire -_- lel
    cant wait to seeing how this goes!
    its looking amazing
    keep it up!

  3. So thats why you were asking me about the Lion head picture you got if it was painted or real XD.

  4. Well originally I thought that the creature lore for my concept was that he was banished to the underworld or somethin' and had chains bound to him to reduce his power 'cause he was so powerful. Then somehow he was able to break free from this world and enter the physical plane but the chains are still attached to him from the underworld. In this picture I was playin' around with the chain brush tool to see what I could do with it and all that. But I suppose I'd make the chains work against my creature than for it. I dunno though, it's up to Michelle what he wants to do with it.

  5. It's awesome! i love your attention to detail. It looks like a professional sketch. If you're the father of this image, may i ask for your blessings? to marry it?

    Yeah, it's great.

  6. the only issue with the original concept its that there was no underworld or so to speak of :S
    i guess there could be an ethereal plane? or a god's realm where they reside.. so i guess he could be stored there the same way, and sol realeases it when the Oracle calls for it

    also im not a he.. -_-

    i like the idea of having them work for the unit, like have them float around randomly in the idle animation, then in the run have them trail in the wind behind it, then in the attack have them rear up into action

    the plaan was to make this the highest level day creature creatable kinda like the ultimate for that god

    cant wait for the coloured version :D
    keep it up!

  7. I suppose I can do that then. I'll play around with the concept and then make this my finalised concept, one which I would model, colour, rig and all that until I find another concept in my head that I like more. =p

    Sorry about the he part. Slipped.

  8. thas ok :)

    sounds great! well yus if you have a concept you rather im all great for considering that instead :)you seem to have a habit of making bad ass concepts so no worries! :P hehe

  9. Ta-momo, ;]

    Michelle, check my latest post out, i need your opinions. What can be better , what to get rid of, what to keep, and all that jazz :p