Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Creature Update - Ji-Gumo

(click image to see larger version)
The Ji-gumo.
This is an update of my creature with a few new features to it. I have the one on the left with a an eyeball where the one on the right is one of the eye drawings Ozy has drawn up, so yeah couldn't think of which one to use so I though I'd just post them both (I will also draw up more with different color's, just for now I made it a yellow with a bit of brown^^)
Little detail. I got the name of this creature from the name of a spider called a Atypus Karschi, a spider that lives in Japan, Taiwan and China. In Japan it's called 'Ji-Gumo'.
I have it attacking in two ways, either with it's tusks that are connected to the skull on it's head which is a tough to break. It's second attack it will use it's two front legs which can stab deep into flesh.
All the details I can give for now, will update again soon.

1 comment:

  1. whenever i play an rts, i tend to just make pretty much an army of one kind of unit

    think i just found that unit :P
    i just have Such a soft spot for boars. i love them so much, the tusks got me :P

    obviously i love the relation to boars, but overall im very pleased with how this design turned out! :)
    i like it how it's skin looks like a decaying animal from the desert sun, tieing in with the scorched eyes and bare skull.
    thats awesome :)

    im happy with this design and see it needing no further alteration :D
    great job!