Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kohjuma Just an update post

Sup people, update of my critter, i've almost completed the animations movements for Kohjuma and by tomorrow i'll be ready to unwrap and begin texturing it.
Not much to say but thought i'd post my progress.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Progress so far

So for every one not checking the wiki often enough here is the progress of everything, If you do not agree with these numbers please feel free to talk to either me or Michelle about it (the figures for the multimedia stuff came directly from Michelle)

Spells - 75%
Melee - 100%
A* Path Finding - 100%
AFX - 100%
RTS Features - 90%
Physics - 0%
Faction & Character Selection - 100%
Mount System - 0%
Ether Harvesting - 100%
Summoning - 100%
Learning - 100%
Mini-map - 75%
UI scripts - 50%
Multiple Unit Selection - 90%
Misc Systems - 75%

Foliage - 10%
Fauna - 40%
Oracles - 40%
Level Design - 20%
GUI - 75%
Sounds - 2%
Promo Materials - 20%

Ji Gumo

The progress of the Ji Gumo creature, I managed to get the animations for it done just editing them to suit it's body movement. Do have some tiny problems with the actual model on the biped but no more than a few tweeks here and that will fix it, other than that it's going great. Update again soon.
Will show images of it once the animation progress is all completed.


Liam Davis - Twininator

Not really much to show but basically just worked on rigging Kohjuma, didn't get to start the animations but i'm close to it.

Parasite Plant

Hey, this is my parasite plant concept....
It lives on large animals feeding off its blood and extracting the water out of it. It inbeds its roots into the creature to drain the blood.
It wiggles its leaves/stems to suck up the blood.
You can what seems like viens running throughout the plant and getting less bloodly to the top.

Lightning Blade

Re-did my lightning sword spell.
The lightning could spiral around the sword to form the image or something...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updated Oracle Gorasai

Haven't updated in a little while but decided to show what i've done so far, really what i need to do is work on my model in mudbox maybe add armour then finish its texturing and of course rig it.

Done a bit of work in 3DsMaX:


Action Poses:

The Gorasai is a creature similar to a lion or Gorilla having fierce traits in combat from both
- Can charge at its target from a distance on his four feet/claws.
- Its Massive Roar can blow back opponents.
- Can stand on two feet however it does feel difficult for him.
- Rips through enemies with his Jaws.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I thought i should post up my example with abit of shadows and more detail to give a better idea of how it looks....

/\im re-doing all of it to fix up the perspective and stuff /\
Josh here. It has hair has hours of work on failed attempts of hair before this one, I will work out the kinks and make it look more natural, just getting the base of the hair laid out so far. Also the body has been unwrapped. Few kinks and some manual editing needed so all should be done by tomorrow. Yay for 1 am post on a Tuesday :D


Sunday, September 19, 2010


Presentation prep, also still working on PhysX, should be done by next week.

Yin changes

Just made some changes to yin. turned turbo smooth off and made smoothing groups and change the colour to


Name is Yin. it is a small character. that hides in the grass. and will pop out and run at u. when the yin runs. cause it legs are so small and its body is so big. it makes small jumping movements to go forward. and will attack by jumping at the character and biting them. or latching onto them draining there health. the longer they are attacked the more health it will drain. they stay in groups. small at first. but later on in the game will stick in bigger groups and will become harder to kill, faster with movement and will do more damage

Tennin - model

This is my model so far of my oracle tennin, i had made the hat but it looks ridiculously bad so i got rid of it, so that the last thing to work on then he will be done. Yeah the hat was epic fail i wanted to gouge my eyes out.

Worm Model

This is the 3d model of Solanges worm creature that she designed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Got working Ether sprite harvesting and passive ether recovery features up on the shared drive under.

Project Temp\Eclipse\Programming\David

More details in the "Read Me" file.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spell Design

This is a spell i have designed for possible consideration into the game? enjoy , any comments, improvments? please, don't hesitate ;]

Ji-Gumo Rigged and UV's

Update on the creature. I finished all the rigging with a biped but with a few little bits still to tweek around, also the UV mapping is completed and soon going to take into photoshop and color in the creature.
Preview of it in the image with the skin and biped, standing on its hind legs.

Kohjuma with Biped

Twininator - Liam Davis

My god Kohjuma's eating the biped!!!!!

Yeah spent most of the lesson clearing lines i didn't need and structurering the biped.

Edit: I've also decided to remove the bone hooks under the hoofs and instead i've gone with suckers, much like an ocutpus.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aprosteria Cross Planes

The Cross Planes of Aprosteria, definition speaks for itself. Enjoy the immersive perspectives your mind projects over it.

  • Three quatre view

  • Front View

Aphrosteria Artwork

An attempt gone wrong, yet salvagable enough to find refuge on the blogger as its new host family, good luck little one.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Spell - Neutral

191st post!!!!! WE BEAT ENINROTH!

Sup people.

Here is a spell i drew up for neutral monsters.

Its lightning striking the ground in a image of a giant sword.

Ive given it some names....
It stuns enimes and has small splash damage.

Spell design

This is my take on the possible design for the ultimate Night spell. Just to explain my picture a little more it's simply a dragon. I was thinkin' it be like an opposite to the phoenix like yin and yang, fire and ice, dragon and phoenix. I also made its effects different to that of the Phoenix Fire so they're not exactly the say as the ultimate Day spell. Just to add a but more variety/diversity to the game.

[EDIT] Also, forgot an important part but before the dragon explodes out of the ground and insta-casts a Frost Nova, there's a few second delay where the ground freezes over and slows moving targets.. and then BOOM! Dragon comes outta the ground and frost nova dishes some ice damage.

Oracle 6

i have been working on my model this lesson its pretty much done aprt from a few tweaks

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sad Face.... :(

*sigh* ..... -_-"

i have 2 delete and redo all of the leg... or bipeding will be very hard 2 do...

Aphrosteria Render

My creation in 3-D, brought to you by Real-D at selected cinemas only. 3-D is exempt from $10 Tuesdays, sorry for the inconvienience. 4-D coming soon, May 14th, 2015.

Enjoy my little slice of Afternoon Delight!! in high pitch, dolby surround sound 4.0.

Kohjuma with hair

Twininator - Liam Davis

With lots of help with michelle got the grass hair and still modelling it around to make it clean but basically got it finished.

Ji Gumo - Biped

Ji-Gumo update, started working on the biped and going good so far.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Volcabeetle update

Started on the 3D, whole thing still not finished, The legs need alot more work than the rest, any other feedback would be nice.

3D parrotomas :D

three views of the 3D model so far texturing soon to come and i need to fix the wings a little bit but yeah this is it so far.

Did some more work on my model today. I'll add transparency to the sphere as it'll be the oracles helmet.
Liam Robertson

Monday, September 6, 2010

i have been working on my model of oracle six and yeah its almost there

Oracle Design

This is my unfinished crossplanes for my oracle. Just need to finish a three quarter view.

Liam Robertson

Oktari Model

Model is getting there, just need to do the hair now :/

Harine Oracle update

Hey guys heres a new update on Harine my oracle

As you can see i finished the base model and im starting to work on it in mudbox. Ill also be unwraping his items and i still need stil need to give him hair(and as i have only a few more poly to play with im starting ti freak about that).
Im hoping that ill have him finished in mudbox so i can start to rig him next week.

If you have any ideas or complants please comment.

Your friendly pyro
a.k.a Patrick

Friday, September 3, 2010

Solhar V2!

Hey guys!
i bring great news, the horifficly creepy solhar has been re-made at last
the first solhar has the interesting tactical abillity that in-game it could make the person controlling the computer feel uncomfortable simply by looking at it too long

well sadly this is no more, but the new one is adorable so its ok

the new Solhar is a design Tanya did back in the beginning of the project :)
here it is:

as the Solhar is a day creature, the night themed design couldnt work.
soooo i made both!
still a WIP, on-off two nights work so be nice :P

the standard Solhar, a low level day creature that fires bolts of light from the projection above its head, can be created at a very low level

Dark Solhar / Lunhar / Corrupted Solhar
This is Tanya's texture design, it has the purple shiny skin and the moth ears, it also has one tooth extruding. its also slightly bigger than the normal Solar
i changed the eyes abit and it is still a work in progress but yeah :)

the Corrupted/Dark Solhar will be a powerful+rare unlockable creature
a unique centerpiece for an army :)

now just to animate and fix those texture seams
oh and here's the old Solhar if you wish to see :P