Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Name Creature update.

Twininator - Liam Davis

So i changed cute little harmless ball thing to an agressive creature, it uses the hook like blades on its feet to latch onto prey and uses its claws to rip away small chunks of flesh and then eats it.
There not as threatning as you think but if they get intimitaded they will attack.

Note: This is just the basic concept of the creature as i will be making edits to it.


  1. Another good concept, most of what I know is from eavesdropping on yours and Michelles convos =p. I think I heard you mention this fella is about basketball size, which is cool, though I'd say emphasis on it a bit in your descriptions, as I can totally see 5 or so of these smaller creatures destroying what could be a much larger foe. But yea, i could be wrong, just something i overheard. Great concept IMO, certainly unique, and i can happily picture the scene from Jurrassic Park (3 i think) where all those little ones shred that guy to pieces. Oh also, you could possibly play with the ball theme a little and use it as a possible defence of your creature, i.e if he gets smacked in the face he could quite happily just bounce away fairly unscathed.

    Cheers, Tom

  2. Cheers for the feedback Tom and your right with it being in packs and being the size of a basket ball, I had it written down but because of the changes I’m going to make I removed it but once its finished I can post the official bio of it 8).
    Also excellent example of the small dino's in Jurassic park hunting in packs, that's what I had in mind for it to do.
    And it being hit and walking it off is a good idea, I’ll work with that when I write up the bio for it since I did write it won’t get easily intimidated.

  3. I like the eyes and the head shape. :)