Monday, August 9, 2010

Drogan Model 60% Done

As editing my previous post a bagillion times appears to have crapped it up I decided it would be easier to just make a new one =p

So work and drinking and sleeping have slowed me down a fair bit I didn't get to complete the upper half during the weekend, this is as far as I've got so far. Still a lot of tweaking to do (i.e obliques, side of head etc.) but i don't foresee the legs being too much of a hassle to do. So I should have the complete game model completed by end of this week. I will however get whatever I'm up to onto the share drive as requested by someone else next time I'm in. Then I'll texture/rig him so you can use him in game before moving onto the high poly model for using in a video, just got in Mudbox to help with that part but based on the performance of my computer thus far I predict the majority of the high poly stuff will need to be done in tafe. I'm also more than willing to help anyone else modelling, just shout if you want a hand.

Also, in regards to storyboards, i decided its probably best to wait a week or so to see peoples final concept choices and begin modelling.

1400 polys. let me know if i'm going too high with the polys for the game model.
First image no turbosmooth.
second image 3 iteration turbosmooth.

Cheers, Tom


  1. NICE!

    im liking it very much so!
    the poly limit is ~3000

    bit higher or abit lower, serinya was only 900 :P but she was kinda just a torso and head with loads of clothing and some thighs, modelling wise.

    usuall i keep my models to about 1600 polies as it helps game performance, but around 3000 is fair enough for a character :)

    and i agree,thats a good idea to do the story boards later maybe, we'll do a little tomorrow, as in general ideas without any defining features but yes the story itself would be best to work out when the oracles are finnished concepting :)

    but yes, its looking superb, awesome job!

  2. Nice job, looking really great.