Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To all the junior staff (i.e. programmers & multimedia guys alike) we will have 2 strict rules on the use of code or art assets in the game, those rules are as follows:

1) If things aren't done by the dates that will be specified later they WILL NOT be going into the game!

2) Have fun.

In terms of features and art Michelle will have final say on what will go in.

And so it's known I am the big scary guy Ozy referred to in her post.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting Started :D


hey everyone, i am the project leader Michelle :) but feel free to just call me Ozy.
i made Eclipse's concept and will be overseeing its production and making sure it kicks ass most importantly.

the game concept is available on the shared drive at \\gonzo\ProjectTemp\Eclipse\Documentation\Eclipse Concept

i advise you all take a quick or not so quick look to become aquainted with the story and aim..

Over the first few days i plan to make sure simply everyone knows whats happening with their respective groups, making a timeline to shape our game's creation and just getting our bearing's so we can do this right :)

Now! Blogging, this blog is made so we all have a place to post our progress! THIS IS IMPORTANT, you are all Required to post at least once a week with updates on whatever you have been working on, Add a label with your name and the orientation of your post; be it 'Environment', 'Programming', 'General', etc..

now i like being stupid too, but if you dont do the required work, it wont get into the game, and you'll have to speak to our head of programming, and he's scary

so lets all kick some ass! and make a kick ass game that kicks so much ass that when the person who plays it gets their ass kicked they be all like "woah.. totally just got mah ass kicked by this kick ass game"

i hope that we can all work work well together,learn from our past issues and make the best game project yet :D