Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Don't know whether this was ever actually given a straight answer as to whether it can or can't be. But.. anyhow, i took the time to finish it off, just so it's there if it is ever needed ;]

Don't want to go into the details of it, as it's constantly being chopped and changed. But basically Aphrosteria is a badass Oracle that was banished away on a floating island like continent, and chained up, only to eventually be freed from its shackles once the continent crashes upon another. Being that the arms have been chained up for thousands of years, Aprosteria has lost a lot of muscle mass within them, and so uses its magical energy to animate it chains, as Aphrosteria has highly concentrated amounts of ether, that it has found the perfect source of this is from the ether sprites, and so feeds off of them? Anyway, yeah as i said, due date was today for the promotional team, good work guys :] Am very impressed. Looking forward to seeing what makes in into the next level of develpoment, all the best to ya!

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