Sunday, August 8, 2010

WIP Oracle

Ok i really hate to show WIP work but its probably wise so you know im at least working on something
Heres my Work in progress Oracle (click it for a bigger image)
things i need to do
- Rework Jaw, make it dislocated and almost vertical
- Give him long toothpick sized teeth
- Colourise him
- Attempt a front view for modeling

i dont have a name for him yet but ill point out that i want him to be really quiet, the only noises he will make is the cracking of his fingers, and an attack/death noise


  1. Ok, that's epic, if he didn't make a move on me first, I'd eventually propose to it. That's total pure steam fueled awesomness!

    The only thing though .. is it being an Oracle and all, it has to be neutral looking. It can't resemble night creatures or day creatures, and this looks like a night Oracle. So I'd just make it lighter in colours , a more faint grey that's significantly brighter, and or faded. Basically any colours that are pretty neutral and faded looking. Grey, really really light blue, and light green ect ;] I'm sure you could even mix and match with them, giving it an even more unique look.

    I love the texture as well! try and keep that texture, but maybe with a light turquoise and white, instead of black and white.

    Also, is there a purpose or story behind the long fingers and really , himself in general, is it a he? I love this dude, stories and little bits of detail that separate them from other characters are always great too ;]

    Overall, great job. Keep it up, Serpent;D

  2. Woah! Nice!
    that is terrifying :D
    i love it!

    yes yes, as oliver said, they must be neutral (so you can play them as either team)
    also they must be adorned somehow, like tattered clothes, charms, temple paintings, marks, something.
    i have a couple ideas that would solve the neutral and the adornment problem, ill scetch it up and send it, its only small and feel free to come up with something different, but yeah im loving this idea :D

    and the clicking for noises is pure amazingness
    thats a brilliant idea

    keep it up! i cant wait to see the rest :D