Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Drogan Update

Mkay, so not much in the way of changes here. I few notable ones however are;
-Fin like areas behind horns and on back have been removed. For the back I will have more bone petruding.
-Bracers and loin cloth added (leather), necklace of teeth/bones, ornament around his horn is kinda like a small metal charm with a feather.
-Although not noticeable, I have changed him from a 5 fingered model to a 4 fingered and 3 toed.

Other things to note are his colour scheme (minus clothing etc) is pretty solid, thanks to Michelle for the suggestion on the faded 'underbelly' which will blend much better with the 3D model when textured. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with the concept now and will probably move on to making the cross planes now.

Some things I've discussed with both Phil and Michelle this lesson I'd like to briefly touch on. Currently, I have a few ideas in terms of animations, videos to be exact, whether a commercial trailer or a teaser involving combat. However, a lot of the ideas I have are 100% not viable to do by myself so what I've been given the OK to do thus far is scout out any interest people may have in making maybe 2 teams (as our group is small) combine ideas, and produce a good, not half arsed video. Obviously we're all learning and only scraped the surface of animation last lesson but with a little commitment and working as a whole I think we could get some good results.
I will try and get up some v. basic storyboard ideas within the week so if you like the sound of it (and it gets approved by the powers that be) let me know and we'll further advance on some ideas. Alternatively, if I don't hear from anyone don't be suprised if i approach you asking to join me, and feel free to say no.
Also, in order to get a good amount of content I think it would be beneficial if the primitive models produced are shared across the groups. I know last semester we gave them to the programmers to throw in the game but this time i think it would work well if the video teams had access to the low polys (and vice versa) they could then tweak and use. But thats certainly weeks down the line.

Also, Patrick, I really love your concept and would greatly appreciate the chance to use it sometime.

Cheers, Tom


  1. im looking forward to seeing how the storyboarding goes, i have a slight idea of a intro movie but nothing big, i look forward to discussing your concepts :)

    so please anyone who is interested please mention it.

    and as for the concept drawing, i love it, i was expecting him to be the ultra-straight-manly-destroy everything-kinda-stereotype-gears of war-stupidness

    (no offence, i just hadnt discussed him with you yet)

    but he actually looks like quite a nice looking design :) its well rounded, he i overtly manly and strong, but yet he i can imagine him as being quite peaceful and calm as well with the charms you added :) as i said in class he's dark blue skin and lizard like construct looks night themed, but the bracers and leather makes it look like it could be either way, whch is perfect :)

    im happy with this, i would like it to feature in-game, so feel free to begin the crossplanes when you are ready :)

  2. Looked at you colouring this up a couple of times today and I can see this guy kicking some ass in the game, really cool idea of a concept and looking forward to seeing the finished 3D model of it.

  3. awsome design it really coming along when i first saw this guy i was like that guy's going to be kick-ass and and you've cetainly failed to disapoint keep it up

    P.S i have no problem with you using my concept so feel free

  4. @Ozy, yea, i was hoping to end up with the possibilty of the design being able to go both ways, i think the charms as you said bring out the more naturist side of the character. I had a v. quick play with green as a base colour last night, didn't work so great so will stay blue, leaning towards night, though we'll see.
    P.s rather than me 'flooding' the blog it may be benficial if i share some of the ideas I have through email first and then post the best stuff. flick me an email sometime - i wont have any ideas for a few days anywho.

    @Liam, thanks, I am too ^^

    @patrick, thanks again, and right back at ya. and cool, as i said, when we get models done we can sort out getting them shared.