Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Title Draft

So I tried to explain this earlier to Michelle so literally a 5 minute job to show what i was thinking. Lightings all wrong, and font is nothing good. But you get the jist. I just felt anything with a big eclipse was very Heroes dominated.


  1. yeah i hear that alot, never watched the show but yus.
    i see what you mean now :)

    i might mess around with that idea if your ok with it? of would you like to develop it yourself? either way :)

    i mean im always happy with less tasks haha

  2. Absolutely go for it. Would save me some work as I'm really short on free time as it is.

    How have you not watched Heroes =o Though, to be fair the last few seasons sucked. But yea, the title card was an eclipse with the word Heroes pasted on top.

    As i said, was just an idea so feel free to run as far as you want with it.

    Cheers, Tom