Friday, August 6, 2010


So here is my update for my recent concept. I've had the head changed and posting it on Blogger so that Michelle can see if she likes it or not or wants anythin' changed or modified to fit her vision.


  1. i like!

    when it's textured obviously there would be some things added like charred bits and make it look super menacing and all that, but yes! i like it, geometry wise i think its great ::D

    i would like to add one thing, obviously its a texture issue, but when you do the pollished drawing(if you decide to follow this concept) could you add a huge branding mark to his chest? as like a red scar, or a black charred mark, of the day symbol covering his chest. (the hand with the triangle)

    that'd be bad ass..:P

    but yes! i like the look of it,his mane could be bigger but this is just a test i know :)

    i like it!
    cant wait to see how it goes :)

  2. loving the bone piercings!! :D
    just noticed
    nice! ^^