Wednesday, August 4, 2010



  1. Any kind of description? As a puppet usually has a master are you planning on doing something else to control this guy or? I couldn't see the puppet theme working otherwise. It's got potential though.

    Cheers, Tom

  2. Wait, who posted this? Nice effort btw. I think Tom had a concept similar to this originally? i like the theme very much ;] Very mysterious. Possibly expand on a bio, elaborate on it in itself and how it gets away with or without a master to control it?

    What i love about this, is it has so much possibility to be potentially great, you've got the foundations laid out for you for a perfect idea :] marionette's are an interesting concept. Questions that could help you with furthering on your idea. What as a marionette separates it apart from the rest of the creatures? How will it( being a marionette ) manage itself?

    There have been talks of a possible ethereal plane. If there were to be one, this could possibly be a tool, and instrument to communicate from the etheral plane to the normal reality which would be used to control other characters within the game.

    Is waiting for your next post with great anticipation :]

  3. Silly idea, but just had to say it. If you do go ahead with this marionette, name it, Marie Antoinette.

  4. Very nice Bao. BTW Oliver you do know that Marie Antoinette was a real person

  5. Yes, why would i not? :]

    That was part of the pun. I'm not random enough to tell someone to name something by a name with no reason behind it.

  6. lelelelel

    not bad bao not bad :)

    i tried to work out a marionette concept but couldnt really get one to work.
    i am curious as to who is controlling it
    there are some slight issues that need to be changed, firstly it has no pelvis, and also its limbs are kinda out of proportion, but thats minor. finally its kinda too finely crafted, if it could be uneven, kinda scratched, worn, cracked and weathered that would make it alot nicer, like its been around for 100s of years and is breaking and falling apart.

    thats it though :)
    looking good