Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drogan Game Model

So I spent the evening continueing what I started in class, reducing the poly count. I was going too high and it was causing a small difficulty in modelling. The head is a liiitle bit messy towards the front now but nothing I can't fix.
Anyway, hands, tail and legs have been done. I do need to do toes still and add a few little bits like nails and mouth features. Also need to redo the horns and do his torso horns as reducing the poly count messed them up. And add his ornaments/clothing.
As i was saying to Michelle earlier, I should have the complete game model (no texture or rig) by the weekend. For now though, if anyone wants to play around with him in his current state you can download the max file from my mobile me at:

The password is Eclipse (case sensitive)

Poly count is now 1850.

Cheers, Tom


  1. p.s thanks for the comments on my previous post and i think i saved that max file in a camera viewport. so just p to get out if you wonder why you cant move =p

  2. amazing work mate. just a couple of things put models on \\gonzo rather than a file hosting site and remove that comment at the end of your post (you know what one I am talking about) but other than that keep up the awesome work

  3. looks Awesome!!
    great progress! cant wait to have a working model ingame :D

    bravo on getting it done so quickly!
    i have to say i preffer not turbosmooth, sooo i guess thats good considering its the game version :P
    cant wait to see how the finnished model turns out, keep it up!
    your on fiyah!
    (in a good way)

  4. If I had known offering illegally obtained products on a game blog wasn't allowed I wouldn't have done it. ;) *removed*

    Thats not a file hosting site, its my storage cloud, and upping backups to it is my way of ensuring my work is at hand if i forget my flash drive. And thanks to my phone and VNC clients I can pretty much access anything I want from my computer remotely. I didn't link it for any party in particular, moreso IF people wanted to explore it in a 3D space they could, i.e the tail isn't even visible in the image.
    I'm aware gonzo is the place to put stuff like that, and when I'm happy with the model it will be there, don't worry. :)

    Thanks Michelle :) I like being on mispelled fire ;)

    Yea, by removing all the (unnecessary) edge loops and such, mesh/turbosmooth looks pretty poor now but fret none, the high poly intended for video use will be pimpin'

    Also, do you programmers want the model rigged when i get it to you, I don't know the mechanics involved in swapping out the models in game, for example, I'll be giving you a model tomorrow (hopefullY) that won;t be textured, is it a fairly simple task to replace that with the textured one when it's done?

    Cheers, Tom

  5. mispelled fire is the best kind! :D

    and yes, models can be swapped in and out as easy as a line of code :) so that is no issue.
    give the unrigged & textured version over to them, to use as a placeholder, then as you complete animation or texture, hand those over also and we will update as they come :)

  6. Also I rigged the model (just to see how well it rigs you still have to do it yourself ;) ) and my god I nearly had an accident it just rigged so well di8dn't have to adjust the envelopes or anything so that is a good sign very well done!

  7. Awesome, yea i would like to rig myself anyway, practical practice is how i learn =p Glad it rigs well as I'm anxious to get onto the high poly/animation side of things. Quicker I get the in game stuff done the quicker I can do that. Haven't had any time to do any work this weekend with work and decorating my house so I'll do the texturing/rigging in classes this coming week. But I'll put the slightly updated model (clothes, claws etc) on gonzo Tuesday.

    Also, anyone good at doing real cloth on 3ds? At present the loin cloth is just an object which i can see being a problem when making his legs move.


  8. just try and see how real cloth works and try and mimic it I am not too sure how to do cloth with PhysX but I will try and look it up and see what I can do.