Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ji-Gumo Action Sheet.

These are a few of the basic actions that I could picture the Ji-Gumo doing.

I did two taunts with the first one being a sort of defense action against a predator if it feels threatened, it stands on it's two hind legs and move its front legs forward as a warning before it might stab you.

Taunt 2 - howling; if one gets lost from the pack or being attacked it will howl for help and soon more Ji-Gumo's will come to its aid.

The walking action; It will step out with its entire shoulder going along with the movement of the leg, as if it were strutting fromt the front.

The running/leap action is exactly what it means; when the creature feels the need to move faster it will begin to leap forward, it pushes itself by kicking off the ground with its back legs and uses its front legs to pull it forward.

Attack; I have done the basic attack it would do and making it stab with it's claw, this isn't it's only attack but this will be used more often.

Rest; whenever a Ji-Gumo is in need of rest or just wants to be lazy it will lay on the floor and cross its front legs together and rest it's head on top of them. (Much like a dog when you see them lying down.)

(Edit, this is for any confusion on where the tusks are, they are on the model sheets but the sketches were a rough design, they will be added later.

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