Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost 100 Posts...

Hi Eclipsers,

This is Phil.  I see we're close to 100 posts on this blog - 97 so far -  which is excellent for this point in the year - just four weeks in.  For all of you who keep asking me, Tanya or Ozy, "what should I write?" check out the three previous blog entries immediately before this one - from Tom Tom and the Davis brothers. These should give you a good idea of what is possible.

Looking at this blog's tag statistics, I see a number of names with just  (1) post recorded. It's time to get that number up. Everyone needs to have a (3) next to their name ASAP! You need to post every week - it's an important part of your assessment.

As you know I wasn't too well today, I wanted to give you all some idea of the kind of the coughing up lung-butter situation I was in. I will see you all soon.*coughs dramatically*.

Fantastic work here everyone. Keep it up. And keep posting. Whose will be the 100th post I wonder?




  1. Lung butter, Phil? Really, thats pretty disgusting, even for me =p
    I even went into class specifically for your lesson too, good job I didn;t bring you a cookie. Hope ya get better soon mate.

    Cheers, Tom

  2. i gope you dont mind, i removed the soul-lessness from your post

    but seriously i hope you get better soon, our fingers will be crossed for you :D
    not sure if that sentance works really.. :?

    ill stick wih Get well soon!!