Sunday, August 8, 2010

Night creature-Yeti

This is my night creature "Yeti" it has one one arm and two legs.
It likes cold places and it hibernates to generate more power.
It shoots out frost from its left arm.

Weight- 200 kilograms
Height- 4 foot


  1. Nice work daniyal!
    i am liking this alot better than your other designs posted, good job :)

    the name would have to be changed, i think "Yeti" would be fine really, or Worg, orrr something like that.

    i dont like the standing on one leg thing so much, i would prefer it if it stayed on two and just clawed/bit/threw ice using the one arm..

    but yes, nice work

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  3. Thanks, i like the name Yeti sounds unique.
    Also ill change the one leg thing too two feet sounds better.