Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Un-named Creature Update

My creature, still codenamed Chicken-Foot. The head of it is made of bone and it's very tough to break, it uses its tusks and clawed feet to attack.


  1. Like it.
    How do you see this guys movement speed? Can he dash or is his movement impaired by the thin-tipped front legs? And can he 'monkey swing' i.e prop up on his front legs and swing his hind legs forward for face clawing?
    Names are hard, eh? Off the top of my head, Reinors, Grevs, Skrees, Salakins. (on the assumption they are creature that moves in packs) I dunno, not great but thought I'd try and help.

    Cheers, Tom

  2. i. frikken. love this creature, i just have such a weak spot for boars
    they are my favorite animal :P

    i like the idea of dashing, i think that'd be cool personally
    i have a couple ultra slight alterations about the head, but they are not much, ill send you an email being a little more in depth

    this unit turned out really well
    nice work!