Thursday, August 26, 2010

Various Updates

Hey all! tis Michelle here

i just have to say the designs are coming along Awesomely!
i have seen some truly great stuff put up, and i am currently compiling the list of designs i wish to be made :) the Cert 4's designs are due this comiming monday, they are accepted late by this wednesday by upload to the blog, but better be quick as the designs get added to the table of creatures in order of time and may fill up.

looking forward to seeing them! :D

here with me are a couple things i was working on, figured i'd post them up :)

A neutral stone golem creature, it has one temple-work arm and the rest is river stones, it is looking pretty kick ass in game :D
i included a clip of some animations :)

Mosquito themed oracle, was going to be an oracle, but looks very night orrientated so some alterations will be made, also she needs to be clothed also.
just something i made back in the start of the project but never posted..

i have some more but they have yet to be textured and rigged;

The infamous Derp
-a neutral creature (colour not yet chosen) that will freature around the game at various points, its name comes from the sound of its call, it harasses the player with loud barking if approached. good for kicking

there is the possibility of a faux-cityscape level being made, if so, this model i made a very long time ago will come in handy, its a pillow-creature that wishes to be human, and acts as such with its stitched on limbs

miiiight use it, if i re-vamp it abit, its pretty ugly
and the city level goes through

The Strider (not named)
a neutral creature also, this looming giant roams wastelands, feeding off streams of tiny arial life forms, simillar to earth's plankton.
as they are very large, they must eat almost constantly to survive
-will be available as an alternative to the shellback, and one bad ass mount if all goes to plan ;)

a possible unlockable oracle for completing the Night campaign, Moonlight is an concept that Tanya did one monday class that i took home and modeled :P
she's kinda cute so yeah

hope you enjoyed my rediculously long post!
keep up thet grande work you guys!!

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  1. Spiggin awesome stuff here, really sweet looking models. The stone golem looks cool and I like the Moonlight girl =D