Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kohjuma Action Sheet

Twininator - Liam Davis

I've roughly drawn up some action movements for this critter that it would do in the game.

1. Sleeping stance when it hides in tall grass to rest, it stands as it does and keeps its arm crossed against it, this is so that it doesn’t accidently get spotted because it’s gone and left its arms poking out from the grass even though it’s using the scent from its grass hair to cover up its own scent.

2. This is its attacking action, this is used when attempting to take down a big enemy, it will leap towards the enemy, bring its arms and legs and then spring them out to latch onto the enemy, also while doing this it brings out its bone hooks from under the hoofs of its feet to keep stuck on the enemy, then it will began feasting.

3. Not much to say for this action, its rolling and that’s pretty much it, it does keep its arms and legs tucked up against it for that nice smooth roll and not under any hazard of snagging onto something, the faster it gets it will eventually begin to bounce, like a ball.

4. Taunting action especially during a standoff against an enemy, it hops with a one leg to the other motion while waving its arms, it moves side to side as it does this followed by growls/barks.

5. Crouching down action, used when feeding on prey that’s dead or taken down, sometimes even doing it while feeding on smaller creatures.

6. Running action, this was a little tricky to try and pull off but the way it runs is it keeps one leg down while it brings the other forward, it’s almost like a speed walk kind of motion.

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