Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oracle-Aphrosteria: Part II

This is a further continuation in my explorations into the endeavors of mental warfare and nightmares, thus the inspirations for their appearance. I still instill the idea that Aphrosteria is currently genderless, though they may resemble a female, in physical attributes, whether or not they ascertain a gender, only time will tell. Now, Aphrosteria definitely has a background story to ''her'', still in progress, with expanding ideas coming forever more. Though basically, Aphosteria has a past, which is a mystery at this current point in time, possibly a forgotten past. She's calm, patient, wise, and very manipulative. Due to her past, Aphrosteria is emotionless, but has a small voodoo like doll that's alive, that follows her. This doll is essentially a representation
( emotionally ) of what she was before her past. It carries Aphrosteria's emotion on behalf of her, and as such is very much the opposite of Aphrosteria. It is also a lot younger, and so acts child like, and innocent, but it anything but. Though wise and secrets it may keep, it is like a friend and mentor as such to Aphrosteria, the closest connection she has to her once self.

Aphrosteria is very much ethereal, haunted by herself and her past. Due to her psychotic, traumatic childhood, she has become mentally unstable and unsafe within the mind and in nature, due to this she has become immensely powerful, though with the only motive of revenge and havoc on her mind, almost every part of her has been locked away within the doll, recreating her as a new person entirely, with memories that she feels as if don't belong to her,and the doll acts as guidance. Aphrosteria gets the doll to collect souls from everything that confronts them, once they have defeated it.

I've acted off of your ideas, Michelle. And i have to say.. a lot of your ideas i was also thinking of myself ! ;] Now don't worry too much is she has a lot of things you aren't happy or sure about, they can all be fixed :]
I've tried my best to do my visual representation of your armor nailed into the body, instead of nailing it in though, I've used stitches. Her skin is a lot paler and more neutral than the original, as she is an Oracle. I've also taken firm grasp of your arms not being in use, as a substitute, i chained her arms to a wooden like plank, very much to how people used to have their heads stuck in them, before a beheading, or just kept as prisoner, though her head has obviously been freed. I'd very much like to further discuss the story of Eclipse, as so i can work on the story of this Oracle more thoroughly, i tend to design better, when i know its story as if it were me.

The first two images are my intended pieces for now, the last two are just some concepts i came up with, a parody so to speak, a dark Oracle.

Now as then, to simple truth,
Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth,


Interested in the history of Aphrosteria?


  1. Very detailed description yo!

    I'm likin' the blue background concept. Looks like she's underwater.

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Tom! :] Yeah, it does look epicly awesome. But unfortunately that one is just a concept, because it's an Oracle and Oracle's have to be neutral :p The first two are the actual ones.

  3. i have been mulling over the stocks idea for some time now.. i do like my straight jacket concet (obviously, as its mine) but i have to say i have totally come around to the stocks idea :) i think the idea of Aphrosteria lugging around this huge peince of old, weathered wood and stumbling under the weight as it runs is awesome :D it also displays its instability

    the skin tone choice is great! i also like the use of the pale blue hair as its a neutral colour ingame, it all check off well :)
    i also like the fact that its gender ambiguous, having a character that is neither male nor female works really well with the game's concept :D nice!

    i actually was looking for something to practice my tablet on, so i drew Aphrosteria last night, i may upload, but obviously i would require your permission first.

    otherwise i could just send to you

    there are a couple slight alterations i must mention though, i actually kinda like your original design of the bare legs more, keep the chastity belt, but yeah i think it'd look better the first way :) if it needs to be altered then i guess we can always alter it later..

    also, the chains would have to either have be bare like whips or have those big chunks of rock still attached like in the design i showed ye, the whip idea is my favorite, but yus, just the ball idea doesnt really signify her ascape or being locked up in the first place. and lastly, the chains would have to be anchored somewhere, so probably link them to her belt and remove the third one..

    sooo yeah! i like it alot! it is added to my happy-with designs list :P
    if you are happy with this as your design, then we are allll cools! :)

    any further thoughts yo?

  4. Ok sweet ;] so i quickly made those altercations. It should be the first picture at top on this post now.

    And nope, no thoughts so far, we can chop change and even add as we go along. I'd love to see your design of Aprosteria! You can do whatever :p post it on here or email it, whichever is easier. I think this character will be pure badass ;]