Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kohjuma (update Post)

Twininator - Liam Davis

Managed to get this critter finished after class.

This is a day creature, as you can see it has the symbol of it on its shoulder, its known to always be on the move, mainly running and most times it will be in at least a group of 3-5, there about the size of a basket ball, some are bigger but not by much.
With its terrifying features this creature would probably not survive as it is clumsy, when hopping/running most times it will hit into a tree or a boulder that’s in its way, in seconds it will get back up and try again hoping it won't hit the same object again and keep moving.

It may be clumsy but it can be quite feral when it comes to standing its ground, one on its own can take down the casual small creature

2: Can take down a large creature but requires some effort and chances that creature will get away.

3: Can take down a large creature but requires effort and the creature will definitely not be able to escape

4: Can take down a large creature no problem

5: No hope for the large creature

It will use its bone like clamps which it keeps tucked under their hoof like feet until they strike to latch onto the prey, and will use its small claws to tear away small bits of flesh and throw it into its mouth, sometimes actually missing.
It will only ever use its mouth in an attack when a creature is so small it can scoop it up into it mouth and swallow it whole.

When this creature is not on the move and wanting to rest, it will curl up and using the grass like hair attached on the top of its head it will hide in tall grass as camouflage, the grass like hair will then send off a scent that will remove their scent to fool predators that lurk around the area.
There have been sayings that the grass like hair describes their age, the longer it is the older it is, no one knows for sure.

Its sworn enemy is the Ji-Gumo and can be quite a show when groups of both creatures encounter.


  1. WOW!
    that was an Awesome description!
    very nice work!
    i really like it :)
    i was originally thinking that he would look better without eyes all together and a lower forehead, but actually the way you have done it looks great, so i say its awesome and needs no further altering :)

    obviously if you wish to tweak it and alter little bits before next week to see what looks best then go ahead, but i think its good as is :)

    all it needs is a name now

    if i think of any ill email you or post here or something, butyus obvioulsy try to come up with one yourself

    i like the addition of their enemies being the ji-gumo race, coulddd be a problem with the ji-gumo being on the same team :o

    looks awesome buddy!
    nice job

  2. Cheers ozy, i was having a good think about a name last night and came up with Kojima, its a mixture of Kijimunaa and Kodama and they both relate to a tree, since this critter relates to a plant i thought why not =P.
    If you don't like it its no probs and feel free to send me a few names 8).