Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Razor Walrus

Sup, here is my Razor Walrus that i have been working on.
It walks with its two legs while it drags it tail on the ground to keep balance.
With its powerful legs it can leap a good distance (5-10m) at its prey using its teeth and claws to slice its victim into pieces.
The Razor Walrus is a land and sea creature. It uses its tail and legs to swim very fast. It doesn't run that much but when needed it can run up to 35km/h.
The Razor Walrus is about the size of a sheep to a cow.


  1. cool! :)
    looking good!
    as i mentioned i especially like the way you did the feet, they are better than the way i sugested :)
    try and work out some alternate verions with some sort of head/back thingy like we said, before wednesday, but if this is the design you wish to submit for consideration,then ok

    im pleased with how this turned out :D
    would make some scary neural creature
    looking cools!