Monday, August 9, 2010

Aphrosteria- Awakening

So my first day off , free from my ordinary liberties in a long time, and... well, i got bored ;]
So as what i tend to do when I'm bored, my mind tends to replay events in its head over and over again, possible scenarios. and i was thinking of Eclipse, more specifically on everyone's Oracles, and how they would all piece together into this story. So i started off with Aphrosteria, and how it is entrapped on a floating continent for eternity ( until it crashes ) this idea spawned several thousand times in my head over the next few hours, re-birthing itself every time. And so i designed another concept image. Just myself trying to project my thought into a painting of my own imagery;]

So basically this image is set, just after the Island crashes and Aphrosteria is set free. It is just getting used to not being bound to one place for so long, and taking a look around. It's early dawn, and it's looking over the world of Eclipse, you could say yawning, stretching whatever :p animating its chains, for the first time? This is its only moment of enlightenment, before their story begins.

This is just some conceptual jazz i get up to ;] when I'm bored. In this image our genderless friend is looking more female orientated, still messing around with it, trying to find the right balance i guess you could say?

Anyway, cool beans people! keep up the good work :] Hope you enjoy the art.

1 comment:

  1. The Oracles of Eclipse - Swimsuit Edition XD

    thats a killer shot! i love how the sky looks ::D

    it is looking very feminine, and its top it somewhat more revealing this time around, but seriously, it looks awesome :D
    and yeah, messing around with concepts is the only way to perfect them
    looking awesome oliver! :D