Monday, August 23, 2010

Creature Nakha'ri

Creature name: Nakha'ri

Type: day creature

Attributes : - Evolved from a material creature after long exposure to an artifact

-Does not have a mouth; survive by draining mana from other creature or spells can drain life energy and convert it to mana but for a lower amount

-wings are made of light and are created from the creatures mana

- the creature can conserve a huge amount of mana but when it has no mana left it dies

-half etheral creature can shift out of existence plan for a short moment that allow them to avoid damage or to move fasters

-weak against physical attacks but immune to magic

- magical burst damage; it can cast advanced spells it has no way to attack to physically attack its target

-It's legs are atrophied and only use them stand

1 comment:

  1. The amount of colour in this creature just catches my eye, I'm surprised for such a gray scaled creature it has such bright wings...

    Then again you can do almost anything with mana soo...