Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aphrosteria in the Desert

i needed practice on my tablet, Oliver's Aphrosteria concept somehow managed to be posted in the future :? so i have had ~5 days of seeing it everytime i log on. and this is the baby of those two factors!

didnt do all of the chains as they dont add that much to the picture..but you get the idea :P

Aphrosteria is a gender ambiguous oracle that has a massive ammount of raw mana, it was defeated and caught after years of war byyyy... lets say serinya :? and bound to a small drifting island then sent into the void, after decades of being unable to move on a tiny island, drifting over the swirling core of the plannet, Aphrosteria went mad.
eventually the island crashed into a floating continent and broke the chains that bind it, now Aphrosteria is free, though still stuck in the weathered bindings, unable to remove them after years of wearing them. aphrosteria now uses the chains attached to its belt as its arms by animating them with its mana.

now aphrosteria only lives to take revenge on serinya, and will destroy everything in it's path to get to her

first time i have really used my tablet so be kind :P

..also story is subject to change, as i just kinda made that up
me and oliver will work out some badass story together :)


  1. oh and Aphrosteria is about to tear those ether sprite's from existance for their ether, it is in the desert island "H'Rika" that im building atm it is somewhat day orriented, but will most likely be changed to neutral

    oliver also was ok with me submitting this ;)

  2. Thats awesome, really like it. And i like the Sasuke looking hair you did. Why's there a face on the crotch? ;D

    Love it though, obviously talented in drawing.

  3. nawww thanks ^^
    glad you like it :D

    ok, umm crotch-face?..
    serinya is kinky :?

    :P lel
    haha its just meant to me rectangular matal plates that encircle the belt.
    buut now you point it out it does look a little like a face

    but only a little! :P

  4. Saweeeet, Michelle ! You're pro, you should get some kinda tablet company to sponsor you. How long did it take you? :p

    T'is a perfect concept!

    Love the glow you've got going on the ether sprites as well ;] Smallest details are often the most noticeable :]

  5. Lets not Make Gender identity an issue in the game, it never sells...