Friday, August 6, 2010

update on Parrotomas

Parrotomas: Update 1:
changed the body colour made wings better added tail spikes to give it a better attack ability.
Body colour subject to change i chose black to allow it to sorta blend in with the darkness of the night and allow the light on its head to lure in its enemys before it spikes them with its tail spikes.
its wing covers the glowing symbol on its side when its sleeping or tracking its prey.
it can also fly and dive at its prey.
comments welcome front view still to come but yeah thats it so far :D


  1. nice finalised peice :D
    i like the shading on the winds, thats quite cool :) there are some issues with it, its a parrot - hippo guy and both those creatures are day-ish kinda ones considering a hippo is a mamal and they both are warm climate creatures, also red is a day colour and so is yellow. so its Very day orriented.

    i know it was originally a day creature, but if you wish it tobe a night creature now thats ok also, there are just some things you chould change, make the projections either grey, white, blue, or purplish-blue.

    and its skin would have to be a different colour, possibly grey like normal hippos, that works or pale or something like that, i like the blue eyes, thats pretty good :D and then things like the beak and wings would haveto be altered to fit the colour scheme, and you have a
    night creature!

    or just make it a day creatur and change the black back, but i do like it as a night one :)
    your choice yo

    oh and i dont like the spikes, they look a bit out of place, we shall talk about it on monday!

    but yes make it a day or night creature, just follow the guides :)
    this is on my list of "hoping to get into the game" creatures
    i like it :D
    looking forward to seeing how it goes

  2. yeah its a bit unsure on whether it wants to be day or night atm so im working on other forms of it should be up by next week though i was also considering a purplish back with a lighter purple underbelly the beak i couldnt decide on a colour if anyone has ideas for the colour of it im open to suggestions and ill upload as many copies of the different colour schemes ASAP

  3. i also threw the tail spikes in there to give it other forms of attack but yeah unless i make the body suit them it wont work so i might make its tail something to help it fly better idk but ill work on it all :D

  4. oh and if i make it a day creature ill have to remove the lantern that hangs off its face i could make that into something else i suppose possibly tinier wings just on its neck XD ill see what that looks like

  5. cool ideas! i look forward to seeing them muchly! :)
    switching and swapping bits around is definately the best way to go about it.
    those ideas sound good, i am a fan of the lighter underbelly thing.
    keep it up! :)