Thursday, July 29, 2010


Full view image.

Edit 31/07.
Removed image including side view as it broke first link and wasn't good.

Not sure why but it won't let me comment on this (maybe too long?) so here's the chunk I just wrote in regards to your comment, Ozy.

Hey Ozy, I finally got around to fixing the image so you can read the text now. It addresses (vaugley) a few things you mentioned. I will be working on the concept tonight and tommorrow and should hopefully have a finalised 3/4 view that I'm happy with. I've already decided that I will probably remove those flappy things behind his horns and try and put some ears in theer place, this will allow me to add some earing/charms. I will probably attach something to one of his horns and am thinking about perhaps making one broken to give him a warrior veteran type feel.

As for clothing in general, I agree he definately needs some armor of sorts, preferably something that allows his muscular physique to still be shown but also add to bad-assness. We'll see how it goes. Weapon wise, I was discussing with Dan the other day about his tail being either a spear or maybe something else spiky but a bit more of a bludgeoner. His claws could be extendable (think of sabertooth from xmen) that way I could emphasis a more agile/powerful/savage brute-force character. Or alternatively maybe some small dagger/katana style blades which could be kept in a sheath around his lower back (think Cloud from FF: Advent Children)

Cheers, Tom

snow insect creature thing

So I wanted to make something to do with ice, hence the fur. so it's like a snow insect. The snake is in a way like madusa, if you look into it's eyes you will turn to ice. Still needs heaps of work, but this is just a rough sketch, with random ideas. I want to make it more creepy, not sure how. No name as of yet. The whole creature again is based around ice, so colours and themes will be ice based.

New un- named day or night creature

This is one of my ideas for a new creature to go into the game, any ideas to make it better or to change it in any way would be very much appreciated as it is only very basic and i would wish to change a couple of things about it.

Oracle: Serinya

Hey guys! here is an oracle, did it yesterday :)
not rigged or animated yet, also probably will re-do the textures as they arent very detailed.. but here's a glimpse.
996 polys ;)

Serinya is an oracle that was created without eyes, she is blind. she must stay in a constant meditative state using her mana focused through the eye on her hood to see.

not using her legs for so long she adapted to using a levitation technique to move about.

she does have arms but keeps them under her robe.
..not sure how she'll attack yet but hey :P we'll work that out later

here ye go:

First concept

This is my first concept for a "night" creature. At the moment there is no name for it, think one f or me? Cool. The basic concept of this creature is that it would find an ether sprite and then control the ether within that sprite and manifest it into a physical, ethereal form. The bands that extent from it is also made up of ether used by Ephraim to manipulate the corrupted ether's actions. The bands are attached to a spirit like flame that is basically the sprite's will in physical form. It should be a caster type monster 'caues it's purely made up of ether and spells are supposedly using ether as a catalyst.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oracle: Aphrosteria

I have designed an early stage of my idea for a possible Oracle, Aphrosteria. The name implies that they may be female, but my original intention was to make the gender as ambiguous as possible, incorporating male and female attributes over it. They're meant to be emotionless, by that i mean, physically, they show no emotion, this however does not mean that they don't feel emotion. Like Michelle's idea , this will be ethereal, mysterious, with a lingering presense. This Oracle is capable of bestowing great sorrow and anguish over anyone who dwells upon it and is knows as something that had once suffered nightmares beyond belief and can recreat its nightmares within the mind into a reality around it. It's also pshychic.

This is still a work in progress, and probably totally what you don't have in mind Michelle. that's ok , we can still work with it :] Let me know any new ideas for the story so i can work with it more. I still need to grasp a better understanding of the story ;]

My Creature

Twininator - Liam Davis

Here's my creature for Eclipse, just a rough idea that came to mind, it's a harmless critter that will spend most of its time running and even bouncing like a ball.
The name that i can only think for it at the moment is Sphero.

Un-Named Creature

Creature (ChickenFoot?)
My first sketch at a creature. There is no head yet since I have a lot of ideas for a head so I focused on working with body today.

Oracle Concept - Gorasai

So i decided to work on something mean.

Still working on it dont like somethings about it but will post up any real progress.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Important:Creature Designers

Hey Guys :D
Tis Michelle

looking over the concepts i am liking how the creatures are going so far :)
i have however noticed a trend that is happening and i just thought i would advise on it,

i have noticed most of the creatures are cute.

i am just letting you all know that they can be as horrifying and painfully twisted as you wish :P
the low level creatures like the solhar and the ether sprites and stuff are cute.. but the higher up ones are planned to be quite terrifying.

so yeah! as you guys continue creating your multiple designs keep this in mind ;)

just to help, some aspects of day and night that are less than cute:


mamalian teeth barbs and claws
speed and strength, muscles

even combinations like:
fire + plants/trees = dead burning ents that pour plumes of smoke, ash and fire from their mouths.



and well yeah, quite a few actually :P

but yes! show me some horror :D
..or cute.
both are nice

Pikat, A dweller of the night.

A small owl like creature that hunts its prey in the night.
I drew crossplanes for modelling the Purple Shader Tree. The blocks or grids visible on the tree is actually empty space, as the tree has large sections of hollow trunk, crossed over by a mesh of grown together vines.

If you're happy with this, I can attempt to model it now, or instead continue working on concepts for plants and other environmental objects.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bao's Work

Solhar redesign.

A new look for the Solhar. Sort of a hairless shiny bunny with moth type ears.
This is a tree, probably best suited for Light, although if I made it a little more angular and changed the colour scheme, it would be equally at home as a Dark plant. It would be a large to medium size, and could double as a light source if needed. Please let me know if this style and colour scheme is suitable, and I can adjust or change as needed.

chimera Oracle

here is my Oracle concept


Hello, Josh here. My concept for a Oracle.


hey this is what i have worked on today :)

Different Logos by Andrew Wheldon

Design 1:

Design 2:

Design 3:

This is what i have been working on today and will continue to work on.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


hey everyone again!
it was awresome meeting you all today, i feel we got off to a great start im really looking forward to working with you all :D

i have some of the creatures here that may help you all with the design of your own.

The Nightmind, a low level Night creature that runs quickly and uses a small pistol

The Solhar, a small Day creature that shoots bolts of light from the projection above its head

The Shellback Mount

A Crab-like neutral creature

The Ether Sprite, tasty tasty

Week 1

Okay guys now that we have the scary unknowing part over and done with time to get your butts into gear.

For all the programmers(all of two of them) here is the list of features and what not that we worked out.

Summoning / multisummoning

Harvesting Ether



Faction selection

Interchangeable spells

Home - in and locked on projectiles

Minimap (illustrative vs unrendered)


Also we programmers are pushing for builds every 3 weeks.

and now the dates for the presentations

Monday 20th of September Mock presentation of everything we have thus far.
Monday 6th of December Final presentation where we show everything we have.

Remeber peoples (and this goes for artists as well) if things aren't done by these dates they aren't going into the game.