Monday, August 9, 2010

My oracle drawing & random ideas

I didnt plan the face or the dress, it was a last minute thing, and the whole idea of her was also a last minute thing, which is that she was an experonment, she has patches stiched on to cover her eyes, her hands had been cut off and had swords attached, her neck is streched and she has a surgical mask on for added awsumness :)
i have added some creatured idea's i had down below, hope u guys like them. the one that looks like a dinosaur cross between a chicken, i will update u guys with a colour version of him when i finish it...


1 comment:

  1. Cool! :) i like the dinosaur-chicken guy quite a bit :D thats pretty cools

    and i like the broken feel your oracle gives. the dress would have to be longer and more flowy to pull off your floating idea, as it'd only reach down to below her knees its seems

    but yes! i look forwad to seeing the coloured versions :D
    keep it up