Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oracle Oktari

My Model sheet is all finished and so is my action poses. I have started my Model in 3DS to the MAX. I am about 50% complete.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thanatos: Lightning Fiend

I hav renamed my Razor Walrus because every1 else is having a unique name. My Razor Walrus's name name is "Thanatos" the Lightning Fiend.
I hav drew up different exmaples of a lightning attack. It will stand up and brace it self befor shooting out its lightning.
Im still not sure if should shoot like a single blot of lightning or if it should fork out ect like real lightning would.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eclipse Features

A few features that have been added to Eclipse in the past month or so:

AoE ground selection:

A system for selecting the target for an area of effect spell. It creates a decal (of scalable size) that follows the mouse around, and spawns spells in the selected area.

Summon selection and orders:

Selecting multiple units and issuing commands for them to follow. Almost complete, just a draggable box for selecting a group needs to be made.


A few spells have been coded, but the Ice Cloud is the only one with complete (or at least, very pretty placeholder) models and particle effects.


Continued work on Ether Sprite harvesting. Going for collecting the closest sprite within range. Will research a selection based system if I have enough time left over.

Researched and started working on mount spawning system(Hopefully it will end up being esider to do than the sprite).

(Is this blog post being posted right?)


Researched/edited physX code, trying to get it implemented into an example. A long process, will update with more later down the track.

DPS Calculator

Hey guys

new update for you all

Liam and I have developed a new tool for use in balancing the two teams.
the problem is;
all of the creatures you get each level dont mirror eachother perfectly, so balancing will be quite difficult.

so thats where this tool will come in handy!
it takes the damage values and attack delay of attacks and calculates the DPS values for us :)

it even has a pretty icon i made :D

also im sure this will be useful for many future games made here
here is a screen shot:

Tornado Tree

This tree has a tornado inside it. over time the branches have slowly twisted around the tornado too create what it is now.

Tornado plant

The idea behind this plant is it could walk around maybe sucking up things or it could be stationary maybe being able too attack..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kohjuma Action Sheet

Twininator - Liam Davis

I've roughly drawn up some action movements for this critter that it would do in the game.

1. Sleeping stance when it hides in tall grass to rest, it stands as it does and keeps its arm crossed against it, this is so that it doesn’t accidently get spotted because it’s gone and left its arms poking out from the grass even though it’s using the scent from its grass hair to cover up its own scent.

2. This is its attacking action, this is used when attempting to take down a big enemy, it will leap towards the enemy, bring its arms and legs and then spring them out to latch onto the enemy, also while doing this it brings out its bone hooks from under the hoofs of its feet to keep stuck on the enemy, then it will began feasting.

3. Not much to say for this action, its rolling and that’s pretty much it, it does keep its arms and legs tucked up against it for that nice smooth roll and not under any hazard of snagging onto something, the faster it gets it will eventually begin to bounce, like a ball.

4. Taunting action especially during a standoff against an enemy, it hops with a one leg to the other motion while waving its arms, it moves side to side as it does this followed by growls/barks.

5. Crouching down action, used when feeding on prey that’s dead or taken down, sometimes even doing it while feeding on smaller creatures.

6. Running action, this was a little tricky to try and pull off but the way it runs is it keeps one leg down while it brings the other forward, it’s almost like a speed walk kind of motion.

Ji-Gumo Action Sheet.

These are a few of the basic actions that I could picture the Ji-Gumo doing.

I did two taunts with the first one being a sort of defense action against a predator if it feels threatened, it stands on it's two hind legs and move its front legs forward as a warning before it might stab you.

Taunt 2 - howling; if one gets lost from the pack or being attacked it will howl for help and soon more Ji-Gumo's will come to its aid.

The walking action; It will step out with its entire shoulder going along with the movement of the leg, as if it were strutting fromt the front.

The running/leap action is exactly what it means; when the creature feels the need to move faster it will begin to leap forward, it pushes itself by kicking off the ground with its back legs and uses its front legs to pull it forward.

Attack; I have done the basic attack it would do and making it stab with it's claw, this isn't it's only attack but this will be used more often.

Rest; whenever a Ji-Gumo is in need of rest or just wants to be lazy it will lay on the floor and cross its front legs together and rest it's head on top of them. (Much like a dog when you see them lying down.)

(Edit, this is for any confusion on where the tusks are, they are on the model sheets but the sketches were a rough design, they will be added later.

Various Updates

Hey all! tis Michelle here

i just have to say the designs are coming along Awesomely!
i have seen some truly great stuff put up, and i am currently compiling the list of designs i wish to be made :) the Cert 4's designs are due this comiming monday, they are accepted late by this wednesday by upload to the blog, but better be quick as the designs get added to the table of creatures in order of time and may fill up.

looking forward to seeing them! :D

here with me are a couple things i was working on, figured i'd post them up :)

A neutral stone golem creature, it has one temple-work arm and the rest is river stones, it is looking pretty kick ass in game :D
i included a clip of some animations :)

Mosquito themed oracle, was going to be an oracle, but looks very night orrientated so some alterations will be made, also she needs to be clothed also.
just something i made back in the start of the project but never posted..

i have some more but they have yet to be textured and rigged;

The infamous Derp
-a neutral creature (colour not yet chosen) that will freature around the game at various points, its name comes from the sound of its call, it harasses the player with loud barking if approached. good for kicking

there is the possibility of a faux-cityscape level being made, if so, this model i made a very long time ago will come in handy, its a pillow-creature that wishes to be human, and acts as such with its stitched on limbs

miiiight use it, if i re-vamp it abit, its pretty ugly
and the city level goes through

The Strider (not named)
a neutral creature also, this looming giant roams wastelands, feeding off streams of tiny arial life forms, simillar to earth's plankton.
as they are very large, they must eat almost constantly to survive
-will be available as an alternative to the shellback, and one bad ass mount if all goes to plan ;)

a possible unlockable oracle for completing the Night campaign, Moonlight is an concept that Tanya did one monday class that i took home and modeled :P
she's kinda cute so yeah

hope you enjoyed my rediculously long post!
keep up thet grande work you guys!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oracle design...

He has no name yet...
The "horn" is a blade of a weapon.
The "wings" are in fact tentacles.
His claws can penetrate armor, but he prefer to use magic from long range; the oracle can use magic to enhance his melee fighting abilities.

tim w

drawing with shades

Here are my model sheets, the names are up for debate.


I call my creature, Urias!

The basic concept is flaming souls sprouting from his back and chains that glow red. Urias controls these chains to attack.

Kohjuma (Finally got a name)

Twininator - Liam Davis

Michelle and I finally got a name for this critter, we agreed to Kohjuma because it sounds similar to Luke's creature Ji-Gumo and since we're kind of having them pitted together we thought it was suitable.
Anyway this is the start of me modelling it, doesn't look good now because haven't quite got it all shaped out yet.

Ji-Gumo Model Process

Iv'e started to model the Ji-Gumo and this is the basic shape of it. I do notice there is a few mishapen parts on it but will tweek around them later.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Worm Day Creature

insect type worm creature.
made for being a day creature.
uses its massive strong claws to attack or even uses its razor sharp tail.
its a reasonably fast creature.
head has been ripped off in battle, therefore has learned the ability to sense nearby enemies.

Oracle - Tenma

Demon oracle, he possesses incredible speed and strength. The bandages on his arms are there to contain all the energy flowing through them. He wields no weapon and instead uses his fists and tail to fight. He was born without any eyes and instead sees by sensing his surrounding. (Update to the info will come soon).

Anemone tree thing...

It's a sort of tree that produce light, it catches its preys with the tentacles. The tentacles grow at different sizes, the number of tentacles depend of the individual tree.


This plant is mainly used as a light post, it absorbs the nutrients from under ground and emits a light through its veins. During the day the plant goes to sleep, and its lights are turned off.

Yin - Revised Edition

In this version of the Yin, his 'BRO' attack hits for over 9000!!111

Monday, August 23, 2010

Parrotomas update and the gloom tree

^parrotomas front and side views i've made the tail longer and the wing slightly better modifications of the tail may include the spikes being a long slim fin to help in flight. 3D model to be uploaded soon. still styled around night and ice.

Gloom tree does not glow until oracle is under it, the light it gives off repels all night creatures until it needs to recharge, runes activate the tree by using an ether well found located under the trees roots. tree is made to look like something terrible from a distance but emits a powerful light on activation.


Here is finished 3/4 view of my Oracle Oktari
Cheers, Josh.

Creature Nakha'ri

Creature name: Nakha'ri

Type: day creature

Attributes : - Evolved from a material creature after long exposure to an artifact

-Does not have a mouth; survive by draining mana from other creature or spells can drain life energy and convert it to mana but for a lower amount

-wings are made of light and are created from the creatures mana

- the creature can conserve a huge amount of mana but when it has no mana left it dies

-half etheral creature can shift out of existence plan for a short moment that allow them to avoid damage or to move fasters

-weak against physical attacks but immune to magic

- magical burst damage; it can cast advanced spells it has no way to attack to physically attack its target

-It's legs are atrophied and only use them stand

Updated Oracle Gorasai

Coloured and Shaded the oracle "Gorasai
Will now be making the 3-view Model sheet to make a model.

Harine update and staff vid

hey all hears a final render of harine in his 3/4 pose

and also a quick vid on his staff animation
(design not yet final)
animations are thuse
1. idle
3. omni
4. shoot

This is my oracle shaded and textured

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Faun complete

my completed oracle

Eclipse; Children of Exile

Hey eclipsers!

me and phil after brainstorming, short discussion and a breif check on google..
have come up with the games subtitle!

the game is;
Children of Exile

this reffers to the god's exile from earth, and the oracles being their childeren
this will help differentiate it from the mass of twilight polution and make it more distinguishable, also allowing it to be found on google :P

on a second note;
the designs are looking awesome! im in the process of compiling a list of the models and designs i am happy with and plan to move on to 3d.
so keep it up!

and just a reminder of deadlines:

-Cert 4 multimedia
25th of Aug
this week wednesday, a coloured and shadowed sketch of your creature and plant designs will be due

-Stage 1 Diploma - Design
23rd of Aug
monday - today, a coloured and shadowed sketch of your oracle will be due

looking good guys!

Ice oracle

This is my idea for an oracle. Her element is ice. she floats, and is most powerful when around snow.
Name ideas :
Inima De Gheata - Ice heart
Dama De Hielo- Lady ice
Lady Zapada- Lady snow Spanish:
Senora Nieve- Lady snow
Lady Gheata- Lady ice
Corazon De Hielo- Ice heart


Neige Dame- Lady snow

Coeur De glace- Ice heart

I am open for ideas on names as i dont really have a clue.

Crab Monster

This is the CRAB monster, A crazy one eyed crab with a glow tail to attract its prey.
This is roughly 50cm high and grow to over 1m long.
Its crawl have to crushing strength of 10 tons!
More information real soon!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Coloured Characters

This is what ive got so far for my oracle. Not too much colour in her, she is made out of a goldy brass colour. Her hair, corset arms and neck are a nice brass colour to show that they are her armor
ive exstended her dress a bit more too and figured out how her arms will bend, it just simpally bendy metal, which i will post later when im done with that
i will b posting a model sheet for my oracle soon

This is my creature coloured in. i also put the luna simble on his leg and made his eyes glowing. i also came up with 3 possible names which you can see in the picture below, they are; Cheesour, Dinochee and Flickasour. They dont have to be the names its just a last minute thing i came up with

Here is my creature's model sheet...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

this is the octopus i added more detail to. this is him when hes sitting down, when hes walking he walks on 5 of his legs and has 2 hands to use

Hi guys here's my designs i have been working on the past few weeks

This is a glutinous fleshy green character i have been working on. The name is yet to come.

This charter I design I was thinking could be used as part of the environment , he could be like a pest creature, poisonous to the touch and give a certain amount damage each time you touch him.

I was thinking he could be animated to bounce and jump as a form of transport.