Sunday, August 1, 2010

Night Creature - Yin

Height - Around 40 cm in height
Weight - 5 kg
Habitat - Lives in tall trees
Food - Carnivorous. They group together to take down large prey. All that's heard after they swarm you is "DON'T EAT ME BRO!!111
By Arvin Murugiah1"


  1. haha dont eat me bro!
    pretty sure the oracles would definatley say something like that :P

    i like this concept, only alteration i would make is the hair a bit longer and somewhat darker
    but thats it hey, i think this'd be a cool creature for the level one night summon
    simply so you could get masses of them

    keep it up arvin! :D

  2. terrifying little thing O.O
    glowing eyes in the long dark fur would top this off :P

    oh and i forgot to mention, nice work on all the info! i like that :)