Monday, August 2, 2010


This is my day creature concept. Its name is Cyclo.
It travels in packs coz i rkn itd be awesome seeing a bunch of these running after you.
Not sure about the colour so any suggestions would be good.
It attacks using its razor sharp tail and claws, maybe even its head? headbutting things with its horns i dunno.


  1. it is good to finally see some day creature concepts, but i dont quite understand what it is :? what aspects is it based off?
    also im nt sure about its shape, i like the worm idea, also we dont really have one in either so thats good :) but try making it bulkier and making his head not so pronounced, like it comes out from his body as one.
    and you could alter the arms to digging blades, kinda like sand gropers, that's fix your attack problem.
    but basically try coming up with multiple ideas as to how he looks and can work, try seaching up pictures of various concepts you like and taking aspects from them
    keep at it :)

  2. Cool cyclo broseph, his eyes are bloodshot, is he high? nice nice