Monday, August 2, 2010

Chimera Oracle with no name update

this is my chimera still has no name so if anyone has any ideas shout them out


  1. i frikken love this guy.. he rocks my socks

    i think a tribal spear would look really good, oh and also he needs decorations, oracles are usually adorned with bracelets, fabrics, shells, bones, temple/dot painting designs, armour, ornaments, ect..

    such things, kinda like the loin cloth, but yes but some more would be good, like a necklace or a beaded bracelet of some minor things to show his hunterness
    but hey it looks bad ass :D
    im liking it very much, i look forward to seeing what else you come up with :D
    keep it up!

  2. I agree with Ozy. This is pretty friggen awesome. How do you see your Oracles combat/fighting style? The design is very similar to my own (Drogan) and the lower half is pretty much what I planned to do. If the story permits would be pretty cool if we could somehow join our two concepts together as maybe genetic cousins or something, like fighting on the same team.

    What group are you in? Diploma or?

  3. diploma group B and glad you like it im still messing around with the colors and i need to finsh of the snake tail aswell as ad those items ozy need so i still got a bit to do but ill try and finish at least the line art and have started to do the shading by monday

  4. hey storyline is great :D interlinking the oracles adds to the imersing feeling of the game so yeah why not hey