Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chimera Oracle Update

just an update on the line art
as you can see i finaly got the snake on the tail
i gave him a staff for a weapon
as well as added the tribal tattoos and bracer to his left arm


  1. Great stuff mate. As per my previous comment, Michelle says she is fine with their maybe being some kind of link between our concepts and I would personally really like to use your model in an animation when we get to that stage.
    The staff suits the character perfectly and the tribal style tattoos match his overall 'feel'.

    Cheers, Tom

  2. i was thinking the staff ant tattoos were a little too refined personally, i thought he looked very hunter-esque and the refined designs broke that,

    i was tinking trbal as in like dots and lines native american, temple like. and the spear as aztec or native american ish

    i just dont see the refined look working so much with it :S

    what style were you going for him? hunter? or well kept?

    try sketching this when you get the chance and i can take a look on monday, sorry i did not specify so much last lesson

  3. Kaloo, Harne, Takoda, Maloo, Taima, Baasa

    names if ye wish
    of an american indian origin