Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oracle: Aphrosteria

I have designed an early stage of my idea for a possible Oracle, Aphrosteria. The name implies that they may be female, but my original intention was to make the gender as ambiguous as possible, incorporating male and female attributes over it. They're meant to be emotionless, by that i mean, physically, they show no emotion, this however does not mean that they don't feel emotion. Like Michelle's idea , this will be ethereal, mysterious, with a lingering presense. This Oracle is capable of bestowing great sorrow and anguish over anyone who dwells upon it and is knows as something that had once suffered nightmares beyond belief and can recreat its nightmares within the mind into a reality around it. It's also pshychic.

This is still a work in progress, and probably totally what you don't have in mind Michelle. that's ok , we can still work with it :] Let me know any new ideas for the story so i can work with it more. I still need to grasp a better understanding of the story ;]


  1. WOAH! mind ka-splosion monent! i totally have an oracle design that is really simillar to this called Astrid!

    thats way cools! i can see we are on le same wave length ;) ill email it to you yo.

    but yeah, you totally just kicked my mind's ass :P

    nice going! :D haha

  2. This pic is epic, the hands are so win.