Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 1

Okay guys now that we have the scary unknowing part over and done with time to get your butts into gear.

For all the programmers(all of two of them) here is the list of features and what not that we worked out.

Summoning / multisummoning

Harvesting Ether



Faction selection

Interchangeable spells

Home - in and locked on projectiles

Minimap (illustrative vs unrendered)


Also we programmers are pushing for builds every 3 weeks.

and now the dates for the presentations

Monday 20th of September Mock presentation of everything we have thus far.
Monday 6th of December Final presentation where we show everything we have.

Remeber peoples (and this goes for artists as well) if things aren't done by these dates they aren't going into the game.

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