Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oracle Concept - Gorasai

So i decided to work on something mean.

Still working on it dont like somethings about it but will post up any real progress.


  1. NICE!

    thats horrific! i love it :P
    frikken bad ass oracle
    as oracles kinda need to be humanoid, give it hands or something that links it back to the human side of things, even if its the same but its front feet are fists (gorilla like) or open human hands then yeah!

    also oracles are usually adorned with bracelets, fabrics, shells, bones, temple/dot painting designs, armour, ornaments, ect..
    so if some of these then it would be perfect.

    nice work yo! :D

  2. oh and i deffs aprove of the name, it fits in with the other oracle names quite well

  3. Very nice. This pose is looking like a very nice attack pose. I am also liking the name