Thursday, July 29, 2010


Full view image.

Edit 31/07.
Removed image including side view as it broke first link and wasn't good.

Not sure why but it won't let me comment on this (maybe too long?) so here's the chunk I just wrote in regards to your comment, Ozy.

Hey Ozy, I finally got around to fixing the image so you can read the text now. It addresses (vaugley) a few things you mentioned. I will be working on the concept tonight and tommorrow and should hopefully have a finalised 3/4 view that I'm happy with. I've already decided that I will probably remove those flappy things behind his horns and try and put some ears in theer place, this will allow me to add some earing/charms. I will probably attach something to one of his horns and am thinking about perhaps making one broken to give him a warrior veteran type feel.

As for clothing in general, I agree he definately needs some armor of sorts, preferably something that allows his muscular physique to still be shown but also add to bad-assness. We'll see how it goes. Weapon wise, I was discussing with Dan the other day about his tail being either a spear or maybe something else spiky but a bit more of a bludgeoner. His claws could be extendable (think of sabertooth from xmen) that way I could emphasis a more agile/powerful/savage brute-force character. Or alternatively maybe some small dagger/katana style blades which could be kept in a sheath around his lower back (think Cloud from FF: Advent Children)

Cheers, Tom


  1. By throwing in a second image the coloured link broke so I'll re-upload tonight. The one that does work shows the same, though ignore the left view, defo not right.

  2. That looks awesome! Who said you couldn't draw?!

  3. Really cool drawings man! :D
    for some reason i cant click on the picture to read the text, so if you could edit the post and paste the text in their that'd be awesome :)
    im quite curious about what it says :P

    but yes its looking great! the only thing is it could use some adornments, like... bones, bracers, fabrics, necklaces, charms, ect..
    all oracles have some

    obviouslt with this guy i dont thing many bangles and necklaces would work as he's kiinda a bad ass :P but like metal/leather bracers, umm possibly a charm hanging from a spike, an animal skull medallion or shoulderplate :?

    something along those lines.

    but seriosly, hell yeah :D
    awesome job!

  4. ok cool! i got to reading your picture and your concept and i like it! :)

    this concept is twisted enough to work also, so yus.

    i like the idea of simply punchng and tearing things to shreds with his hands and arm-blades, i dont think weapons would really work.

    i like the idea of bi-pedial, but with him i could see it either way :) we'll just see how it goes.

    as a note, the oracles are neither day nor night and thus bear no markings of either side,
    (simply so youdont choose drogan, and Sol as your god, then lead a day army with a night symbol) so in the game he would have to have a tattoo of either the neutral symbol, or his own design(like how Serinya has the eye rune on her head) you could design a Drogan rune.

    but for the video, depending what it is, the night rune could be fine, as he may be leading the armies of lune into battle :?

    either way :)
    i look forward to seeing more of this!

    nice work