Thursday, July 29, 2010

snow insect creature thing

So I wanted to make something to do with ice, hence the fur. so it's like a snow insect. The snake is in a way like madusa, if you look into it's eyes you will turn to ice. Still needs heaps of work, but this is just a rough sketch, with random ideas. I want to make it more creepy, not sure how. No name as of yet. The whole creature again is based around ice, so colours and themes will be ice based.

1 comment:

  1. thats Great!! :D
    i am loving the whole idea, the gas mask/ski mask idea is perfect alignment with the concept :)

    the only thing i'd change is the snake probably, just because it doesnt fit the model's theme so much and it draws attention from the concept's greatness
    icicles jutting from it's back to abdomen gaining in size would look good, then adding a large ice stinger or something would work :?

    and add to the creepy

    but yeah, the ice bug. grande :D
    mess around a couple ways to do things till you find a way that works the best
    keep it up! :)