Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oracle: Serinya

Hey guys! here is an oracle, did it yesterday :)
not rigged or animated yet, also probably will re-do the textures as they arent very detailed.. but here's a glimpse.
996 polys ;)

Serinya is an oracle that was created without eyes, she is blind. she must stay in a constant meditative state using her mana focused through the eye on her hood to see.

not using her legs for so long she adapted to using a levitation technique to move about.

she does have arms but keeps them under her robe.
..not sure how she'll attack yet but hey :P we'll work that out later

here ye go:


  1. can i get an invite to please. I never received one...

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  3. Very nice job.
    I like her hair :P

  4. this is really good :) i like her hair too
    oh and for some reason i can't post anything and i thought i'd ask here because i don't see you till wed i think.
    i didn't get an invite either so i'm not sure if thats why or not. but yeah

  5. thanks guys ^^
    okies, whats your email? i shall add ye

  6. i also didnt get an invite, can you send me one please its... thank you :)

  7. my gmail thing is
    thanks :)