Thursday, July 29, 2010

First concept

This is my first concept for a "night" creature. At the moment there is no name for it, think one f or me? Cool. The basic concept of this creature is that it would find an ether sprite and then control the ether within that sprite and manifest it into a physical, ethereal form. The bands that extent from it is also made up of ether used by Ephraim to manipulate the corrupted ether's actions. The bands are attached to a spirit like flame that is basically the sprite's will in physical form. It should be a caster type monster 'caues it's purely made up of ether and spells are supposedly using ether as a catalyst.

1 comment:

  1. thats tricky! still trying to work out if it'd be a spell? or a night creature? or a neutral. or how to implement it :?

    what ever it is i like it! but its hard! dam you for being so complex! :P

    i have to say its a really cool idea! like im not just saying this but i actually have no idea how to work it :? i guess it'd be good if you could come up with another creature design.. but not because i want it off but because its just really difficult..


    i ultra like the ether sprite power source idea especially..

    the issues are:
    it cant be a created creature because they cant use ether sprites as a power source, they are a conversion of matter held together with ether

    the only way around it is neutral

    and it cant be a neutral creature because it has a controller and an obvious alignment to Lune.

    umm, you could use the idea to make an oracle in / that is an arcane mech suit, with a visible ether sprite in it as a power core (kinda like a heart in a ribcage)
    or make some kind of construct like a temple golem powered by it.

    wow ok, thats a novel.
    basically, the idea kicks ass fo feel free to use it in the other designs that you do, and for now im going to continue wracking my brain trying to find a position to put it ;)

    keep it up!!