Monday, July 26, 2010

Solhar redesign.

A new look for the Solhar. Sort of a hairless shiny bunny with moth type ears.


  1. Hehe it's kinda cute in a bizarre way

  2. ah ha nice... looks cute...a little too cute? dose this thing get really mean and scary if i try to pat it?

  3. Niiiiice!! :D is that a night solhar?
    thats just a "little" better than the original ones :P

    be cool to include an influenced one either as one of those natural creatures you can absorb into your arsenal or just use it for the night team :)

    ..also those moth ears could be textured to ferns, and the body pigmented like humans to make it into a day one so there are both versions.

    but either way, pure bad-ass-ery! :D