Friday, October 1, 2010

Update time :)

Hey everyone! i hope your holidays were all nice and relaxing, mine were.. kinda. but i hope yours were! :P

here are some small updates i figured i'd share. i am looking forward to seeing what you have all gotten upto in the past week :)
we will be moving onto our next tasks on monday :D
so if you havent finnished your creature's geometry, unwrap and rigging (diploma) or you havent finnished your geometry and unwrap (cert 4) then HURRY UP! because they are due, and after 10 weeks im sure that should be more then reasonable.

anyways, on to other goss :)
here are some of the more pretty things i have done working over the break:

game icon design, featuring the carving design for the shell tower and the carving for force (coming out of the shell i think it works ok :) but hopefully you guys will out do me

Gambaro the Neutral Oracle:
this is the progress so far on the grande boss oracle, he guards the shell tower-ether sprite colony and refuses to follow either god, instead lives among the ether sprites and draws his power directly from the plannet's ether core and the sprites.

some pretty unique spells shall be seen here ;)

here is the geometry so far

mask detail

bracelets and foot

coming along quite well :)

Next is a new creature i made couple days ago, i realised that sol doesnt have nearly as many creatures as lune..
soooo yar
here is the Ji-Gumo Matriarch!
based off the awesome Ji-Gumo concept by Luke Davis;

the Ji-Gumo is a creature that as it progresses in life, it decays rapidly until the point where the majority of it's skin is missing, its thick bones act as an exo-skeleton of sorts, peserving it's life.

Ji-gumo follow spider and boar-like traits and that is the basis for the Matriarch.
the matriarch is a larger, powerfully built royal strain of Ji-Gumo that is chosen to produce the next brood of offspring, five large bones extruding from it's scalp are used as a nursery crown for baby and unhatched Ji-Gumo brood to live in until they are of age to leave.

it's interlocking tusk teeth, jagged bone structure and huge barbed tusks are there to defend it's nursery crown, behind the J-Gumo's strength and speed, this is a very dangerous creature to face

Some Detail Shots:

Skull and tusks

inside of the Nursery Crown, Ji-Gumo eggs mature in growths seeded from the matriarch's bone marow, absorbing the nutrients directly from their mother's blood supply

story may be subject to change, but thats what the design was.

so yes! more on the way, but thats it for now, cant wait so see what you have all been upto! :)

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