Thursday, October 28, 2010

Model Updates

Hey Guys!
here's an update on what's been happening as of late :)
well first off the progress is looking pretty awesome altogether!
the programers are making a WAY cool engine the is almost complete, and seeing the models coming in is bringing it altogher well :)

here are some of the things that have been put in lately
Teams Ingame

Proposed BETA Day Team

Proposed BETA Night Team

The BETA version is planned to be ready by next week! so we will be able to begin testing soon :D

Current Projects are:
Importing Kohjuma
Mistral's attack and death animation then import
Serinya and Gambaro (Neutral Oracle)'s finnished animations and import
Kick Beta's Ass! :D

Neutral Creatures

here is Gareth's Pikat Creature Ingame ::D
nice work gaerth!

*animations made and textures edited slightly but the model and UVW by gareth :)

and also here is the Swamp Temple Island Progress:

looking niiice! just awaiting more objects.
so thats it for now, keep those models coming!

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