Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Island of Stone, Water and Bone

hey guys once more :P
messed around today and i got a pretty good base for the yet unnamed island of stone, water and bone

it is a Neutral landscape, this is a very small island where the player learns to fight and use magic and ether. it is a grey-stoned, water island (water forms here and cascades off the edge) there is a a pool in the middle of the island that used to be part of a large sea creature graveyard (when the island used to be part of a larger one) as a result of the land being previously submerged, there is frequent erosion marks, coral and barnacle growths on the lower stones.

there is also a flourecent mineral that runs through the island in veins, giving a faint blue underglow to some areas that were erroded

the land is set in evening where the sun sets casting a rich orange and yellow tint over the grey and blue landscape. and oncoming rain storm from the opposing side casts shadow over the distant islands
well at least thats the idea ;) soon to come.

missing lots of objects, creatures, skybox, waterfalls, everything
just figured i'd show you what tasty project i was baking today :)


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