Monday, October 4, 2010

H'Rika - Volcanic Island

Hey Eclipse team :)just thought i'd upload my progress for the day,
started messing around with this today and i magaged to get a pretty decent start on the volcanic desert island of H'Rika :)

i have built the main hub of the island, a primitive hut structure and volcanic steam mill (not animated yet and missing particles) got some foliage in thar, and made the volcano active :) oh and did all the textures, made some normal maps too..


A Day landscape, this is a small circular island featuring a towering volcano in the centre, the landscape is barren with some occasional mostly dead grass, trees and plants.
the inhabitants have learned to make crude mills that use the volcanic steam that escapes from the vents to allow them to farm so there may be some small farming equiptment or crops.
other than that things that will be present on the island are volcanic vents and geysers, bones, fossils, primitive structures as seen, glass and obsidian deposits and various things along those line. if you by anychance have an idea of something to add then let me know! :D or by all means give making it a go :)

the hut is meant to resemble slightly an old mediteranean oven or kiln

please note: skybox is a placeholder, i have yet to make a new one ;)

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